Friday, August 26, 2011


Alright I have been a complete slacker when it comes to blogging...but life becomes super busy in the summer for us! Since Branden isn't in session right now we are trying to take full advantage of spending time as a family! There has been some new changes coming to the Petersen household!

Just early this month at our church, Eaglebrook, we dedicated Paisley to Jesus....

it was such a fun filled night celebrating our decision to raise Paisley to love and know Jesus!

The night started out with us headed to the church service!

All of our close family and friends came to help us celebrate! Afterwards we headed over to my parent's house to enjoy some good food ( look for some future posts on some of those recipes ) and great company!

We are so thankful for all of you who took the time to celebrate with us!

Another change.....a bigger change is that my good friend from high school is moving in with us for a little while! We are super excited to have her and her son and are glad that we get to help her better her life!

You see Neysha is a single mom and an amazing mom to her son Cain! She is such a free and wild spirit and you can already see those traits being passed down to Cain! When I say I have soooooo much respect for single moms out there I really mean it. Especially after becoming a mom myself, I couldn't imagine how much work it is to do it all on your own while working two jobs like Neysha! So to all you single momma's or dads out there...know that you are doing great, and your kids will be so grateful for all you did for them! Anyway back to Neysh...she started going to our church and has gotten really involved. She recently got baptized and so that is actually a huge part of why she is moving in with us. She is dating this guy named Jake who is also a single parent...and rather than living together before marriage they have decided to wait! Which is truly a commendable thing especially in this day and age! So we are super excited to welcome Neysha and Cain into our home...Neysh if you are reading this: I am sooo proud of you for what you have done to provide a great life for Cain, you have sacrificed so much over the years and have grown into such an amazing women who is leading her life and son's life to a life filled with our awesome God! You have inspired me and I am thankful to have a friend like you! Keep being and awesome momma and living a life for God!

Hope everyone is having a great day on this gorgeous day! Now I have to get back to my beautiful babe and the newest addition to our family that I get the privilege to babysit today!

Miss Margo Bell sister J and her boyfriend Kyle's new puppy!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Woohoo I'm 23!

So the title is more exciting than me actually being 23......but it was my birthday on April 17th and what a great birthday it was!

Starting of that Monday...the kickoff to my birthday week, bran got up and took Paisley's feeding in the morning so I could sleep an extra hour, he also cleaned the bottles for most of the week, and any mom who cleans bottles would know that it is a huge help! That wednesday we ran out of ice so he ran to the gas station to get some and came back with reeses pieces and this rose....

They didn't have real roses so he got me a feathered one! He's too cute!

The festivities of my birthday week continued! Bran came home that afternoon after getting my ring resized because well pregnancy wasn't that nice to me lol and he surprised me with the newest addition to my ring.....

My third band!!!!!!!! So pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We celebrated it that Saturday night by going out with friends and all of my siblings to the Olive Garden & than we went back to my sister's house and had some yummy chocolate fondue with tons of fruit, brownies, chips, margaritas and playing the game mafia! To bad I wasn't thinking of snapping the events of that night, but it was super fun!

On my actual birthday, that Sunday, I woke up to this adorable face

and to birthday signs hung all over the house! ( My family has always made signs for birthdays and it still has carried on to my fam and my sisters ) Bran also got up early and came home with breakfast for me........

Mcdonald's breakfast

caramel cooler...yummo!

And he also came home with.............

A balloon, don't think I've ever gotten one for my birthday before! lol

And real flowers! lol

We than went to church and than over to my parent's house where we ate lunch and branden gave me another gift, as if I already hadn't been spoiled enough this birthday! He got me a Home Goods giftcard, my hubby knows me sooo very well! He took it a step farther and actually went with me to go shopping which is huge for him since he hates sitting there as I oo and ahh over everything! So saying all of that I ended up getting these cute robins egg blue striped pillows.....

Now all I need is about half a dozen more cute pillows!

The day just kept getting better, we went on a walk which was Paisley's first walk........

And than we ended my birthday with ordering food so I didn't have to cook! What an awesome week I had and Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate and my wonderful husband for making my birthday week one to remember!

Hope everyone has a great birthday this year!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So I've been such a slacker on this blog, but we've had a couple busy weeks in our household!!! So I promise I will get around to blogging these past couple weeks!

Upcoming posts:

*My Birthday
*Tuck's birthday
*Our Anniversary
*Paisley's first Easter

Looks like I have tons of blogging to do but not until next week.....I need to enjoy every second of mine and bran's anniversary week....yep a whole week me and my hubby have devoted to just each other!

One last thing....I love this new addiction I have! It's called's a website where you can post everything you love onto one page! Things like craft ideas, beautiful decorating ideas and yummy looking foods! check it out! you might become just as addicted as I username is jespetersen!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Work in Progress

So this past weekend Bran was replacing the door handle on our garage door......he was super pumped because it was something handy! And a lot of you know that know my husband know that he is def. more business minded than a handy man! Which I love about him don't get me wrong (thank you jesus for a very handy brother in law who loves to build things :) ) but he got a little bug in him after replacing our door knob!

I was talking how I really want to paint our kitchen cabinets white instead of leaving them the ugly maple they are! I've been saying this since I moved in last April but just never got around to it! But my hubby got bit by the handy man bug! and boy do I love it! He just went over to our kitchen cabinets and starting taking the doors off! I love that he has some interest in what I love which is decorating and revamping things! It makes me love him a little bit more! :)

So here is what our kitchen looked like before:


Cabinets off!

Pantry Door!

So the cabinet door are sanded and ready to be painted.....I just have to sand the actual cabinets frame! Then We're going to make our pantry into a chalkboard! That way when paisley is a little older and when we have more kids they can sit and color while I'm cooking dinner or I can display a cute written out menu for the week! Eventually the ugly track lighting is coming down and being replaced over the sink light, new wood floors instead of linoleum and a center island and we are still coming up with ideas, but we either are going to put a cute fabric curtain under the sink like this:

Ohh how I dream of having a farm house sink, butcher block counter tops and a huge window to look out at while I was dishes! I have a small one that works for now!

Or leave the cabinet doors in between the stove and sink off and paint the backsplash of the wall a cute color maybe yellow like this:

But a yellow back wall instead of white with white dishes!

Or maybe we'll do I said a work in progress and it will take awhile having a husband in politics and a new baby! but we'll keep you posted on our first big project together! man I love my husband but I love him even more when he wants to help make my ideas come to life!

Hope your having a wonderful day!


Monday, March 21, 2011

How am I supposed to feed my baby?

So yesterday my little sister Jolene called me up and asked me if I wanted to go shopping for a shirt at Express because she had $15 free there and well lets face it I'm not back to pre pregnancy weight so I hate all of my clothes! Anyways I ended up going and getting a shirt but the $60 I went with I didn't spend. I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on something when I plan on loosing the weight and than it being to big! So we went home......I told branden that I really didn't get anything because I wasn't spendng that much....he pretty much told me to go make myself feel better and go get a new outfit somewhere else than! (what a good hubby I have). And this is where the real story starts.................

I decided I would go to Target, they have cute clothes, their cheap and I had to get Paisley her formula!

Paisley's formula!

So I head out to the Andover Target because it's right behind my house. I get there and walk over to the formula and what do you know the only formula they are out of is the one I needed! I had to get that formula, I couldn't just switch her to a new one that could mess her whole system up. So I called branden and told him that I was just going to come home, but he than measured how much we had left and told me unless I wanted to run to the store at like 6 am there was no way we would get by with what we had left! So he than said go over to the Coon Rapids target and just shop there (what a good hubby again, said he was totally fine watching pais)! So I got into my car and what do you know the gas light comes on....lame! So I went to the gas station and put $20 out of my $60 into my tank! I start talking to the guy at the counter and he say they have formula there so he walks me over there, and the don't carry formula! lol waste of time.

I than get to the CR target go straight to the baby formula and THEY ARE ALL OUT! I pull a worker over there just to make sure and she tells me the only nearby target that has my formula is Northtown and they only have one can! So at this point I just want to go home and eat because it's after 6 and I'm starving, but I decide to head over to Rainbow which is right next door, thinking they have to have this! I walk over to their baby formula, and THEY DON'T EVEN CARRY IT! so now I'm about to loose it!

I call branden and than my mom just venting! My mom says try Walmart so I was like okay I'm just going to end up driving in a huge cirlce of obstacles to get pasley's formula! I get to walmart, head over to the baby formula and guess what...............THEY ARE ALL OUT! so now I'm about to cry, I really want to call enfamel and all these stores that don't have it and ask them "how am I supposed to feed my baby?" So I call my mom again and she says try Cub (which is right next door) and if they don't have it she told me to call target in northtown and see if they have it and put it on hold and she would pick it up on her way home from dropping my sister off at the U! (what a great mom I have)

So I head over to Cub walk to their baby formula isle and THANK YOU JESUS THEY HAVE IT!!!!!!! I literall pick up the can and hug it in the middle of cub, people probably thought I was some crazy mom! So I called bran told him I was headed home, and told my mom not worry I found it! So after all of that stress, I decided I needed a treat and I bought a box of Kemp's cookie sandwiches! yep that's right I am one of those people who needs sweets to cure my stress! lol

I got home and Branden had dinner made for me (velveeta shells and cheese, friday's loaded potato skins and ceasar salad!) TALENT! lol again what a good hubby! And than topped off by my kemp's sandwiches!

I was gone for almost 2 hrs. and I left home with $60 to get a cute new outfit, spent it on gas, kemp's sandwiches and paisley's formula (which I had a target gift card for but couldn't use cause they were all out) and had $13 left over! So much for a cute new outfit, but than again I would do anything for my sweet little girl! The drama of having to buy formula, should have just stuck with breastfeeding! HA!

Hope you all are having a much better day today than I had yesterday!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

I dream in ruffles, pink & robins egg blue!

So I'm new to this whole blog thing, my sister has been doing it for awhile and well I love reading her posts! So I decided now that I have a little bit more time on my hands since I'm home with Paisley why not give it a shot! I of course have to start out easy because lets face itI'm not the best writer out there! So why not start with everything and anything I love which is anything girly.....think ruffles, pink and robins egg blue! Enjoy looking at the things that I love and dream of having!

I love peonies....especially white ones! They made up my wedding bouquet!
This blanket would be sooo cute for Pais!

How cute would this cake be for a little girl's birthday party! Hmmmm maybe Paisley's first birthday!

I always want to throw a dinner party and have tissue pom poms hanging over the table!

This lamp is to cute....who would have guessed that I love this... robins egg blue & ruffles! lol

I wish Branden would let me have my own room in the house that could be completely pink! For now I guess I have to settle with little hints all over my house!

Love all of these blue kitchen tools!

You need at least one ruffle pillow in your house!

I am dying to own this bed spread!!! I'm in love!


I wish I could own this adorable tablecloth!

How cute would this bedding be in a little baby girl's room! To bad Paisley already has hers!

I love love love these cupcakes and think I need to try and make them this spring! Who doesn't love a good chocolate cupcake, and it looks like with toasted coconut on top! Yummo!

I could probably find many more pictures of things I love but my beautiful little miss P is waking up! Hope you also found some love in the things that I love! & Hopefully I can keep up with this blogging thing wish me luck! Have a wonderful day!