Friday, August 26, 2011


Alright I have been a complete slacker when it comes to blogging...but life becomes super busy in the summer for us! Since Branden isn't in session right now we are trying to take full advantage of spending time as a family! There has been some new changes coming to the Petersen household!

Just early this month at our church, Eaglebrook, we dedicated Paisley to Jesus....

it was such a fun filled night celebrating our decision to raise Paisley to love and know Jesus!

The night started out with us headed to the church service!

All of our close family and friends came to help us celebrate! Afterwards we headed over to my parent's house to enjoy some good food ( look for some future posts on some of those recipes ) and great company!

We are so thankful for all of you who took the time to celebrate with us!

Another change.....a bigger change is that my good friend from high school is moving in with us for a little while! We are super excited to have her and her son and are glad that we get to help her better her life!

You see Neysha is a single mom and an amazing mom to her son Cain! She is such a free and wild spirit and you can already see those traits being passed down to Cain! When I say I have soooooo much respect for single moms out there I really mean it. Especially after becoming a mom myself, I couldn't imagine how much work it is to do it all on your own while working two jobs like Neysha! So to all you single momma's or dads out there...know that you are doing great, and your kids will be so grateful for all you did for them! Anyway back to Neysh...she started going to our church and has gotten really involved. She recently got baptized and so that is actually a huge part of why she is moving in with us. She is dating this guy named Jake who is also a single parent...and rather than living together before marriage they have decided to wait! Which is truly a commendable thing especially in this day and age! So we are super excited to welcome Neysha and Cain into our home...Neysh if you are reading this: I am sooo proud of you for what you have done to provide a great life for Cain, you have sacrificed so much over the years and have grown into such an amazing women who is leading her life and son's life to a life filled with our awesome God! You have inspired me and I am thankful to have a friend like you! Keep being and awesome momma and living a life for God!

Hope everyone is having a great day on this gorgeous day! Now I have to get back to my beautiful babe and the newest addition to our family that I get the privilege to babysit today!

Miss Margo Bell sister J and her boyfriend Kyle's new puppy!


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